Update from Owner June 2009

It has now got :

  • Original rims
  • New original rear wing with original spacers (the previous one had some cracks but I have kept it since it was the one delivered with the car)
  • X-brace
  • Scorpion exhaust (Stock look)
  • And since it was delivered as non smoker car I have bought the original carbon ash-trays.

Still missing is the strut-brace and steering wheel, but these will find their way back into the car.

Jan 2010 Update

New arrivals :

  • Original steering wheel.
  • I have bought the original strut brace (its in the mail and on its way).
  • It has original headlights (the horrible angle eyes are gone).
  • Eibach sport springs both front and rear.

Plans for the coming summer season :

  • Norwegian license plates
  • Bilstein B8 Sprint shocks front and rear.
  • E30 M3 sport evo front alu wishbones.
  • Powerflex bushings.
  • A steering wheel better suited for track-racing.
  • Maybe a extra sett of wheels with better track tires.
  • New original drivers seatback cover (worn out over time).
  • New paint job, no rust but some deep scratches and wear marks.

Still on the hunt for :

  • The rear ashtray in carbon-fiber (I have the front carbon ash-tray)
  • Velour floor mats

May 2012 Update

Bilstein B8 shocks with Eibach springs, E30 M3 Sport Evo front wishbones, BMW Motorsport reinforced rear wishbones, all bushings/bearings changed to Powerflex or original BMW.

Detailed using Scholl and SwissVax products, OEM black velour floor mats and new protective side mouldings.