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Chassis Number Edition Number Running? Additional Information Last Update
EA90852 01/50 Yes Now to be found in Northern Ireland. March 2021
EA90853 02/50 Yes Spotted for sale. January 2016
EA90854 03/50 Yes Currently for sale. February 2016
EA90856 04/50 Yes In NE England. January 2013
EA90865 05/50 Yes Seen at Auction with 87k miles and 3 owners. November 2016
EA90866 06/50 Yes Belgium May 2016
EA90868 07/50 Yes In a Private collection in Knightsbridge January 2015
EA90869 08/50 Yes   March 2017
EA90881 09/50 Yes Now based in France February 2014
EA90882 10/50 No Sadly written off in 2003; happily the owner lived to tell the tale. First registered on 03/03/99 (T plate) it was featured in the March 2002 Performance BMW mag. December 2007
EA90883 11/50 Yes Completely original, based in Yorkshire. April 2015
EA90888 12/50 Yes December 2017
EA90890 13/50 Yes Devon November 2009
EA90891 14/50 Yes March 2015
EA90892 15/50 Yes Now in West Midlands. With owner since Sep 2010 September 2010
EA90894 16/50 Yes   April 2010
EA90901 17/50 Unknown    
EA90903 18/50 Yes Now in Co. Down, N. Ireland May 2009
EA90904 19/50 Yes ~7,000miles! Amazing detail pictures for this car! June 2008
EA90906 20/50 Unknown    
EA90914 21/50 Yes Cyprus December 2020
EA90915 22/50 Yes Landsend Cornwall. Bought from Independant Motor Company on 21/06/05. Currently for sale on Autotrader. FSH 19 AC Schnitzer type 2, eibach springs, miltek full system with de-cat, JR induction kit. 82K 318bhp. July 2006
EA90917 23/50 Yes Showing 117k miles and living in Essex. With current owner for 9 years. September 2016
EA90918 24/50 Yes Thought to be in Hong Kong. October 2020
EA90922 25/50 Yes With current owner for 8 years in Essex. September 2010
EA90923 26/50 Unknown    
EA90924 27/50 Unknown    
EA90925 28/50 Yes May 2017
EA90926 29/50 Yes With a new owner in Kent. Showing 74k on the clock and in great condition. June 2010
EA90928 30/50 Yes Showing 90k miles in March 2013, based in Dublin. March 2013
EA90930 31/50 Yes Showing 78,000 miles and in the Co. Derry area. With current owner since April 2009. September 2010
EA90931 32/50 Yes Seen for sale via Auto Trader in April 2009 April 2009
EA90932 33/50 Yes 68k, just out of BMW warranty, pristine condition, under warranty its had ECU, clutch and flywheel, new cd changer, Front window motors replaced, VANOS. With the current owner for a year and a half, previous owner was high up at a BMW garage. March 2007
EA90933 34/50 Yes First Registered 29/3/99, showing 83k miles in the hands of the second owner by May 2011. July 2012
EA90934 35/50 Yes New owner in touch October 2020. Car now in Northern Ireland. October 2020
EA90935 36/50 Yes Now showing 126500miles, FBMWSH, new headlight lenses and front end respray excl. bumper (Nov 09). Car benefiting from ongoing tlc including a/c maintenance, new radiator, front/rear suspension overhaul. Based around Leamington Spa. (Aug 08) Full panels off respray at Reefpaintshop, new genuine front wings and all new external trim fitted. (2017) Both rear wheelbearings replaced due to failure of one, new rear brake backplates, with new hand brake shoes. New rear dampers. (2018) August 2020
EA90936 37-50 Yes Suffolk based since 2003 in the hands of the 3rd owner it remains in the same locale with a new owner. Showing 74,000 miles (having covered just 10,000 miles in the last 15 years or so). FBMWSH. October 2017
EA90940 38/50 Yes Cheshire, currently for sale July 2010
EA90941 39/50 Yes With current owners for 7 years. July 2015
EA90942 40/50 No Found in Londonderry around Feb 2006, moved to West of Scotland. Car written off and broken. May 2009
EA90945 41/50 Unknown    
EA90946 42/50 Yes Showing 63k miles in Jan 2008, now to be found in France with 108k miles. July 2013
EA90948 43/50 Yes In a private collection in Moneymore, Northern Ireland along with GT Individual 01/50. July 2018
EA90949 44/50 Yes Bedfordshire with 66k on the clock. March 2009
EA90950 45/50 Yes FBMWSH, 127,000miles July 2007
EA90951 46/50 Unknown    
EA90953 47/50 Yes   June 2020
EA90954 48/50 Yes   May 2016
EA90955 49/50 Unknown    
EA90956 50/50 Yes Nottinghamshire August 2017
  ??/50 Yes Ireland February 2006
  ??/50 Yes For Sale See Ad February 2006
  ??/50 Yes Enfield. For Sale See Ad February 2006