BMW M3 GT Register

BMW M3 GT Coupe 206/356

June 2015

In the UK and seen at JC Racing. Originally sold through Roberto Ravaglias dealership in Milan, Italy. No sunroof just aircon. Eibach front and rear anti roll bars, 3.45:1 diff ratio with 75% LSD , 6 speed gearbox and washable foam air filter (ram air). With current owner for 6/7 years having imported from Italy, it has about 67k miles (~108,000km) (swapped to new UK clocks with the mileage converted from KMs by BMW dealer).

May 2017

With new owner. Showing 132,000km with servicing up t 121,000km in France. Intended for some light maintennce/cosmetic work and then into sealed storage.