Development Car

Information has come in (August 2016) of a development car outwith the main production run. JC39817. The current owner (since Nov 2014) believes there was one other development car built.

  • Built in September 1994 as development cars
  • Built in a small team with hand finishing rather than the production line
  • Produced for the Board of Management to get clearance for production.
  • It was first licensed to the road on 03/07/1996 and the first owner was BMW AG.
  • After all GTs were sold BMW let it go to an employee.
  • It has the data sheet of a normal M3 with individual paint and interior but it was verifiably built before all the other GTs.
  • The interior is almost like the production GT interior. The only differnce is that the carbon is a slightly different weave and has some inconsistencies because it was handmade.
  • The badge on the glovebox is not inserted, rather it is glued on top.
  • The car has no aluminium doors.
  • It has the GT oilpan and other engine parts, the strut brace, the rear wing but not the risers.
  • In the front it also has the GT splitter.

The car is almost in brand new condition. It has 75,000km but looks as new. It has original paint with no damage. It was never driven in the winter. The car is original other than the OEM wheels.

What happened to the other development car is unknown.