About the Register

Set up in February 2006, following the purchase of UK M3 GT 13/50, this register aims to record the details of as many of the remaining GTs as possible. Please feel free to eMail details of any car you've encountered - especially if it's yours!

M3 GT Register - Spotted

For Sale / Wanted

  • Sep 17 - For sale : M3 GT Individual
  • Sep 17 - For sale :
  • Sep 17 - For sale : M3 GT Individual
  • Jul 17 - For sale : M3 GT Coupe.
  • Mar 17 - For sale : Intake manifold system from GT Coupe. GT specific parts for improved airflow i.e. not fitted to GT Individuals. Contact keithdyer@hotmail.com for details.
  • Mar 17 - For sale : Class II Riser blocks in as new condition. Would ideally swap for a rear exhaust box for an E36 M3 but would also take an offer on them. 07972 203499 or email rcm632@gmail.com (Chester area)
  • Feb 2017 - For sale : M3 Evo Individual 50/50

With E36 M3s becoming more scarce, the special edition cars are less frequently seen on the market. eBay.de remains a good hunting ground for parts.

Registered Cars
Car Registered
GT Individual 43/50
GT Coupe 215/356
Evo Individual 39/50