BMW M3 GT Register

M3 GT Coupe Numbers

Massive thanks to M3GTDRIVER - Joop van der Made for much of the information here. Also thanks to AMEMAN for keeping me in the loop with the GTs based in Japan.

M3 GT Coupe - 228 from 356
Chassis Number Edition Number Running? Country Additional Information Last Update
EA40000 001/356 Yes Germany Owned/stored at the BMW Museum. The museum have confirmed that they do have a GT Coupe there but won't confirm its chassis number and are unable to provide any images. Fortunately a fellow GT Coupe owner was invited to the M3 GTS launch where this car was on show. November 2009
EA40001 2/356 Yes Germany   January 2009
EA40003 4/356 Yes France   December 2009
EA40004 5/356 Yes France   April 2010
EA40007 8/356 Yes Sweden Currently undergoing renovation July 2017
EA40008 9/356 Yes Sweden   April 2020
EA40011 012/356 Yes Portugal Being kept standard. Updated in Jan 15 as being with the same owner since first time on this register in Dec 07. January 2015
EA40014 15/356 Yes Norway   March 2006
EA40015 16/356 Yes Germany   August 2011
EA40016 17/356 Yes Germany Flossmann Auto Design Carbon M3 GTR kit. Street-legal, KW racing shocks, big brakes, 4-exit exhaust, BBS Le Mans wheels 10 x 18 and 11 x 18, Airboxintake, 310 HP. For Sale at €29,900.00. March 2006
EA40017 18/356 Yes Japan   December 2009
EA40018 19/356 Yes Germany   December 2011
EA40022 23/356 No Portugal Apparently heavily modified, missing front splitter, wheels and strut brace and resprayed in Estoril Blue! M Registry. Reported in Jan 15 as having been crashed beyond repair. January 2015
EA40025 26/356 Yes Sweden Nov 2010
EA40026 27/356 Yes Belgium First registered 3/5/1995 in Germany. Imported to Holland 17/10/2002. Changed owner 21/8/2004. Moved from Holland with a new owner to Belgium. November 2015
EA40029 30/356 Yes UK Track prepped car with a 7:55 full lap of the 'ring under its belt! June 2007
EA40033 34/356 Yes Holland   January 2020
EA40035 36/356 Yes Germany First registered Oct 1995. German Car. Electric roof, high GT-wing, white indicators at the back, armrest in the front, electric windows in the back, rear sunblind.) March 2006
EA40037 38/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40038 39/356 Yes Japan Super Sprint DTM exhaust system and ARC pipe-stabilizer December 2009
EA40039 40/356 Yes UK   January 2016
EA40041 42/356 Reshelled Germany   November 2014
EA40042 43/356 Yes Germany Reported as now being based in Munich. December 2011
EA40043 44/356 Yes Germany   December 2007
EA40044 45/356 Yes Germany Registered 13/4/95. AC Schnitzer RS Suspension / suspension bearings / antiroll bars / RS wheels 8 x17 Typ II, Short shift. Eisenmann exhaust. Porsche Brakes. BBS RS2 8.5 x18 / Semi Slicks. October 2006
EA40045 46/356 Yes Holland Spotted for sale in Holland December 2022 showing 99350kms. December 2022
EA40047 48/356 Yes Germany   August 2008
EA40048 49/356 Yes Norway Changed hands and countries in July 2007. Was in Sweden. September 2007
EA40050 51/356 Yes Italy Currenty missing reaar spoiler and in need of some tlc January 2017
EA40056 57/356 Yes Spain Although the car is running, it is effectively no longer a GT having been fully prepped as a rally car. February 2017
EA40058 59/356 Yes France   April 2014
EA40059 60/356 No Scrapped Sadly, this GT was flipped and had to be scrapped. Its engine lives on in an E36 M3 track car and much of the interior plus the strutbrace now live in a different E36 M3. January 2012
EA40060 61/356 Yes Germany Spotted for sale with 88,845km. Missing the front splitter, CF trim, steering wheel, strut brace and rear spoiler. January 2017
EA40062 63/356 Yes Germany   May 2012
EA40064 65/356 Yes Japan   June 2007
EA40065 66/356 Yes Sweden   October 2012
EA40066 67/356 Yes Germany   September 2008
EA40067 68/356 Yes Germany   February 2010
EA40068 69/356 Yes France 133,000km January 2011
EA40069 70/356 Yes Japan   December 2009
EA40071 72/356 Yes Sweden Production Date March 1995. Power seats, OBC, A/C, power sunroof, rear power windows, rear sunshade, headlight washers, dual airbags, heated seats, clear turn signal lenses all around, BMW Active Hi-Fi Sound System, BMW Business RDS CD player, Pioneer TX-WX205A Active Sub, M floor mats, M aluminum pedals, alarm system with immobilizer. KW adjustabe coil-overs, 30-60mm lower, AC Schnitzer short shift, Vererra adjustable anti-roll bars 28mm/25mm, reinforced pendulum struts, steel-braided brake hoses and a small roof spoiler. With current owner for a few years now. October 2007
EA40073 74/356 Yes UK Somerset April 2006
EA40074 75/356 Yes Germany The car was sold by BMW Dealer Heermann in Heilbronn (Germany) to the first owner. Weidinger-Motorsport bought it in 2000 with 61,000km. We have prepared it for the Endurance Championship ("Langstreckenmeisterschaft") on Nurburgring. First race with the car took place in August 2001. At the end of 2002 season one of the Weidinger-Motorsport drivers took the car on and prepared it by himself for the races. May 2007
EA40075 76/356 Yes Germany   March 2017
EA40077 78/356 Yes Germany Purchased from Belgium. Hartge exhaust system. 156,000km November 2007
EA40078 78/356 Unknown Italy Reported as crash damaged and in need of repair. July 2010
EA40079 80/356 Yes France 154,600km December 2007
EA40080 81/356 Unknown Belgium Track use with Gruppe N Suspension. December 2008
EA40081 82/356 Yes Germany Production Date March 1995. Options Stock except for a G-power exhaust system and Kelleners chip. In the hands of the second owner. March 2006
EA40084 85/356 Yes Germany Spotted for sale in Sep 09. 151,000km ACS adjustable suspension and anti-roll bars. Cruise Control. September 2009
EA40086 87/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40087 88/356 Yes Sweden Spotted for sale on May 2010
EA40090 91/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40091 92/356 Yes Belgium   February 2019
EA40092 93/356 Yes Belgium Bought from Germany and shipped to Belgium. 126,000km December 2008
EA40095 96/356 Yes Spain   January 2019
EA40096 97/356 Yes Germany Rear sunshade, electric roof, front armrest. AC Schnitzer accesories : steeringwheel + airbag, mirrors, pedals, shifterknob, rear muffler. 18" wheels 8.5X 18" with 225 tyres and 9 X 18" with 255 tyres. March 2006
EA40098 99/356 Yes Austria Spotted for sale on April 2010
EA40099 100/356 Yes Austria First registered 05/1995 October 2012
EA40100 101/356 Yes France Currently sporting a Devil exhaust and in need of some tlc. April 2009
EA40102 103/356 Yes Germany With same owner since 2003, 132,000km, KW/Koni suspension, very good shape. In collection and rarely but consistently being used since 2007. June 2019
EA40103 104/356 Yes Luxembourg With 4th owner. January 2021
EA40104 105/356 Yes Belgium Currently for sale here and here. August 2017
EA40105 106/356 Yes Belgium   March 2006
EA40107 108/356 No Germany   July 2015
EA40108 109/356 No Holland   November 2017
EA40109 110/356 Yes USA Seat heating, non smoker package, rear seat headrests. August 2022
EA40110 111/356 Yes Luxembourg Extensively modified. January 2012
EA40111 112/356 Yes Germany   February 2012
EA40112 113/356 Yes Holland Currently with its fourth owner although it was twice in the same hands. The engine is overhauled and the current owner took off the splitter because of the many speedbumps. It is chipped (up to 7800RPM) and has a MST exhaust. April 2006
EA40113 114/356 Yes Holland For sale from January 2010
EA40115 116/356 No Unknown Crashed March 2006
EA40116 117/356 Yes Italy Thought to be in Italy. Report received 2010 July 2006
EA40117 118/356 Yes Germany BBS wheels, original Professional radio, raised rear spoiler. December 2014
EA40119 120/356 Yes Holland Drift Car which has had rebuild work a couple of times. January 2019
EA40120 121/356 Yes UK   February 2006
EA40121 122/356 Yes Belgium Registered 09/1995, 180,000km. Missing Class II spoiler. Spotted for sale in Sep 09. September 2009
EA40122 123/356 No Russia Accident damaged then parted out. February 2023
EA40124 125/356 Yes Germany   Jan 2013
EA40127 128/356 Yes Germany Showing 335k km in July 2011, this car ran from May 95 into 2000 as a summer daily driver, racking up 270k km. Since 2000 it is no longer a daily driver and comes out to play on special occassions. July 2012
EA40130 131/356 Yes Holland BMW Motorsport Group-N exhaust, UUC Evo3 Shifter, High GT-wing November 2010
EA40131 132/356 Yes Holland Currently being restored to its original glory in the Netherlands. January 2019
EA40132 133/356 Yes Holland With current owner since 2016. Showing 124,000km. November 2017
EA40133 134/356 No Norway Stolen June 2009 from Tvedestrand. Destroyed. August 2009
EA40135 136/356 Yes Italy Originally registered in Italy and now showing 135,000km, remains in Italy in original condition. January 2018
EA40138 139/356 Yes France Originally an Italian car, now based in France showing 145k km. First registered on 2 May 1995. February 2012
EA40141 142/356 Yes UK   April 2020
EA40142 143/356 Yes UK Imported from Italy. Owner on April 2006
EA40144 145/356 Yes Germany With current owner since 2013. Showing 94,000km July 2014
EA40146 147/356 Yes France   March 2006
EA40149 150/356 Yes Germany Now on 83429km. October 2022
EA40150 151/356 Yes Switzerland Spotted for sale on April 2023
EA40151 152/356 Yes Holland Showroom condition and collector owned. July 2012
EA40152 153/356 No Germany Crashed at the Nordschleife in March 2002. The Engine is now in an E36 Cabrio. September 2007
EA40154 155/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40155 156/356 Yes Germany   June 2006
EA40156 157/356 Yes Spain   October 2014
EA40160 161/356 Yes Germany   March 2006
EA40161 162/356 Yes Germany 98,000km, Berlin, Standard September 2006
EA40164 165/356 Yes Switzerland   January 2014
EA40165 166/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40167 168/356 Yes Austria First registered on 17/05/1995 in Austria, the third owner added the car to the Register in May 2013. It's showing 103,500km. May 2013
EA40168 169/356 Yes Denmark Bought it in Italy in 2000 and imported to Denmark. It is 100% original and is showing 117,000km October 2015
EA40170 171/356 Yes Germany Registered in 12/1995. Sunroof, centre armrest, Schmidt-Technik Coil-over shocks, 18" Alu-wheels with 255/35 ZR 18 and 225/40 ZR 18, race-cats, uprated camshafts, chipped, delimited, Green airfilter, Porsche GT3 frontbrakes (Brembo). September 2006
EA40171 172/356 Yes France Resprayed in black. 136,000km. Bi-Xenon lights and uprated security. March 2010
EA40172 173/356 Yes France 135,000km. Original apart from white indicators and MP3 headunit (original parts kept) and good condition. With current owner since October 2003. Serviced is by BMW in Germany. December 2008
EA40175 176/356 Yes Japan   May 2006
EA40176 177/356 Yes Germany Good, rust-free condition showing approx. 221,400km October 2020
EA40177 178/356 Yes Germany   February 2007
EA40178 179/356 Yes Turkey   January 2018
EA40179 180/356 Yes Norway Last Seen on - see September 2006
EA40180 181/356 Yes Italy   September 2022
EA40182 183/356 Yes Portugal Imported from France in 2000 & in Portugal since then. 2 previous owners in Portugal. Resprayed blue but since restored to standard. Jan 2015
EA40184 186/356 Yes Italy Electric seats, climate, rear blind, check control, headlamp wash wipe July 2010
EA40185 186/356 Yes UK   November 2006
EA40186 187/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40187 188/356 Yes Sweden On its 3rd owner who has had it since 1999 when he purchased it in standard spec. It has now 140,000km on the clock and 385 tourist laps at the ring with the current owner. Mods include Brembo 6pots with Performace Friction dics and pads at the front, Intrax Racing adjustable suspension, Verrera adjusable swaybars, Chassie mounts and bearings, Powerflex, Weichers rollcage, cobra drivers seat, OMP steering wheel, LSD modified to 40%, Unichip remap, KN open airfilter, Supersprint exhaust, BBS Challenge 8.5x19 for street and M3 evo replicas with Michelin cups for serious driving. November 2008
EA40188 189/356 Yes UK Supplied by Busse on 28/06/95 and first registered in the UK on 01/06/2001. With current owner since July 2007. March 2021
EA40189 190/356 Yes Germany Spotted for Sale January 2012
EA40190 191/356 Yes Germany   April 2010
EA40191 192/356 Yes Norway   March 2006
EA40192 193/356 Yes Germany Registered August 1995. 168.000KM. Traction control and sunroof. Dealer maintained. April 2006
EA40195 196/356 Yes Germany At one point imported to the USA by Ben Liaw, returned to Germany in the mid 2000's. July 2008
EA40198 199/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40203 204/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40204 205/356 Yes UK Stolen from Ipswich. Please contact the police if you have any information regarding this car. August 2008
EA40205 206/356 Yes Holland   May 2017
EA40210 211/356 Yes Germany AC Schnitzer exhaust, Eibach Springs, Bilstein Shocks September 2007
EA40212 213/356 Yes Germany   March 2006
EA40213 214/356 Yes Germany   March 2006
EA40214 215/356 Yes Germany Alarm system, electric rear windows, electric soonroof, electric heated seats, headlights cleaning system, Air Condition, 6 CD Changer, Hifi System, Alu Doors, illuminated gearknob. First registered 06.1996 in Germany. March 2008
EA40215 216/356 Yes Italy   July 2021
EA40218 219/356 Yes France 66,000km July 2015
EA40222 223/356 Yes Germany   March 2006
EA40224 225/356 Yes Sweden   February 2016
EA40225 226/356 No Germany Engine now in another car - E36 Touring - due to crash / parting out. Source January 2016
EA40226 227/356 Yes Germany Registered 08/95. 118,000km. ABS, PDC, sunroof, tinted windscreen. June 2007
EA40227 228/356 Yes France Spotted at Retromobile show in Paris, February 2020. February 2020
EA40230 231/356 Yes Germany Based in Bonn, the car has been undergoing some tlc. July 2015
EA40231 232/356 No Germany Crashed March 2006
EA40232 233/356 Yes Portugal First registered in Portugal. Still with original keeper who was the official BMW importer at the time. January 2015
EA40233 234/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40234 235/356 Yes France   November 2008
EA40235 236/356 Yes Finland Undergoing tlc Sep 2011
EA40237 238/356 Yes Germany   March 2006
EA40240 241/356 Yes Germany With current owner for 20 years. September 2019
EA40241 242/356 Yes France Originally registered in France and with the current owner since 2010, the car is currently off-road for some tlc March 2014
EA40242 243/356 Yes Germany   November 2008
EA40243 244/356 Yes Germany New owner in December 2006 undertaking some t.l.c. hoping to have the car back in top condition around April. February 2007
EA40244 245/356 Yes Portugal First registered in Portugal and being treated to some replacement parts to bring it back to a high standard. December 2007
EA40246 247/356 Yes Sweden In the process of being made 'clubsport' ready : roll cage, Porsche GT2 brakes, sparco seats/harnesses, KW-V3 chassis and new tyres as well as having some basic tidying up. May 2007
EA40247 248/356 Yes USA   April 2021
EA40248 249/356 Yes France   May 2014
EA40249 250/356 Yes Japan See December 2009
EA40250 251/356 Yes Norway First registered in 5/1995. 93,000km at March 2007, alarm, cruise control March 2012
EA40252 253/356 No Holland Rebuild project. August 2017
EA40260 261/356 Yes Austria   July 2023
EA40262 263/356 Yes Germany   March 2006
EA40263 264/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40264 265/356 Yes Germany Everything original except the rear wing modification with the motorsport spacers. With the sixth owner; 121,500km February 2023
EA40265 266/356 Yes Spain   December 2013
EA40266 267/356 Yes Belgium First registered in France 05/1995, car now in Belgium on only its 2nd owner. Showing 173500 km. October 2013
EA40267 268/356 Yes Belgium With a new owner. Stock and staying that way. March 2009
EA40270 271/356 Yes Germany 95,000km, first registered 1/1996, green sunstrip on the windscreen, alarm, sliding roof March 2006
EA40271 272/356 Yes Luxembourg   April 2006
EA40274 275/356 Yes Sweden Spotted in March 2006, for sale in August 2015 and again in July 2017 - Advert July 2017
EA40275 276/356 Yes Germany Registered February 96. Coilovers, 18" wheels. ~115.000km September 2006
EA40276 277/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40281 282/356 Yes France Originally a German market car, it was imported into France in 2002. Currently showing 146k km with a good service history. April 2021
EA40283 284/356 Yes Finland Spotted for sale on Collecting Cars having been moved from Germany to Finland in 2006 where it remained, unregistered. May 2024
EA40285 286/356 Yes Germany   July 2015
EA40286 287/356 Yes France With new owner May 2020
EA40287 288/356 Yes France Spotted for sale - appears to have been resprayed silver. May 2014
EA40288 289/356 Yes Kazakhstan KFZ underdrive pullies and ITG hi-flow air filter into the stock airbox. Coming soon - UUC Evo3 short-shifter, full Supersprint exhaust with headers, H&R sway bars, AP Racing brake calipers with Stoptech brake discs. December 2008
EA40289 290/356 Yes Germany   August 2008
EA40291 292/356 Yes Germany Registered in June 96, 116,000km, Remus exhaust, Eibach springs, BBS wheels and Nokia-Hands free set. September 2006
EA40293 294/356 Yes Belgium Registered in May 95 August 2010
EA40294 295/356 Yes Italy   August 2010
EA40295 296/356 Yes Sweden   September 2006
EA40299 300/356 No Sweden Crashed March 2006
EA40303 304/356 Yes Germany Currently for Sale October 2013
EA40305 306/356 Yes Hungary   March 2021
EA40308 309/356 Yes Germany Registered 7/95, 103,000km, Bastuck exhaust, lowered, dealer maintained and has a second set of alu-wheels with winter tyres. September 2006
EA40309 310/356 Yes Germany Currently running as a track car November 2015
EA40310 311/356 Yes Germany Registered 9/95, dealer maintained. Now showing 269,000km. April 2014
EA40311 312/356 Yes Holland Spotted for sale with 125k km. January 2019
EA40312 313/356 Yes Spain   March 2006
EA40314 315/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40316 317/356 No Sweden Crashed March 2006
EA40318 319/356 Yes Germany Off the road since 1998, it came to a new owner in 2006 with 983km. Extensive restoration was finished by 2008 and only recently re-registered meaning the car is only showing 2987km! Surely one of the lowest mileage cars left? September 2018
EA40319 320/356 Yes Sweden   March 2006
EA40321 322/356 Yes Holland   February 2007
EA40322 323/356 Yes Norway Spotted for sale in July 2010 - non-standard alloys, Momo steering wheel, adjustable top mounts, aftermarket stereo. July 2010
EA40323 324/356 Yes Germany Airbox and Alpha-N fuel management. Rear wing risers and gurnies. Uprated brakes. 18" wheels. Uprated cats and exhaust. November 2006
EA40325 326/356 Yes Germany   November 2012
EA40326 327/356 Yes Sweden First registered 29/12/95, this car is now with its second owner and based in Sweden. April 2012
EA40327 328/356 Yes Germany With current owner for 8 years. May 2010
EA40328 329/356 Yes Finland Showing 161,000km as at December 2013 December 2013
EA40329 330/356 Yes Germany Stripped of interior, wheels, spoiler and splitter. last seen on March 2008
EA40330 331/356 Yes Germany First registered 06/95, 147,000km, BMW Business Radio-Cassette, Original BMW Telephone, PDC February 2007
EA40331 332/356 Yes France   April 2007
EA40332 333/356 Yes UK Thought to be based in the UK. Awaiting further details from current owner... April 2010
EA40333 334/356 Yes Finland In top condition 180,000km, KW Coilovers, 18" wheels September 2007
EA40334 335/356 Yes Germany Spotted in Bitburg, Germany in original condition with 142,000km. November 2015
EA40336 337/356 Yes France Stock except exhaust and angel eyes. Never crashed. Repainted. 138,000km. Imported from Germany at 25,000km. March 2008
EA40337 338/356 Yes Luxembourg   February 2014
EA40338 339/356 Yes Switzerland Same owner since 2002, 176,000km January 2010
EA40339 340/356 Yes Germany   July 2016
EA40340 341/356 Yes France Ex of Padova in Italy, now in France. Currently for Sale, See pictures April 2020
EA40342 343/356 Yes Germany First registered June 95. 110,000km. Climate Control, BBS Challenge 8,5x18" (front 225/40 18", back 245/35 18"), FK Koenigsport Coilovers, Eisenmann exhaust, 4 electric Windows. Raid steering wheel.-Pioneer mp3 radio with 6x cd changer, 2 amp and a subwoofer. Aluminium pedals. June 2007
EA40343 344/356 Yes Germany Changed hands and moved from Italy to Germany October 2009 November 2009
EA40344 345/356 Yes France Check out the owner's blog post at November 2014
EA40346 347/356 Unknown Unknown Stripped / wrecked? Interior for sale in Poland. May 2007
EA40348 349/356 Yes Germany   March 2006
EA40349 350/356 Yes Germany First registered 10/95 in Germany. Over 200,000km (mostly long distance) March 2006
EA40351 352/356 Yes Japan No Sunroof. Only 26,000km! October 2006
EA40352 353/356 Yes Portugal Originally supplied in France, this GT is now in use as a race car. February 2014
EA40355 356/356 Yes France   April 2020
EA40??? a??/356 No Germany Last seen in disrepair on - Link February 2006
EA40??? b??/356 No Germany Last seen on Possible to repair? - Link February 2006
EA40??? c??/356 Yes Germany Last seen on - Link February 2006
EA40??? d??/356 Yes Germany Last seen on - Link February 2006
  e??/356 Yes Germany Last seen on - Link February 2006
EA40??? f??/356 Yes Germany Last seen on - Link February 2006